Tired of Touchy Touchscreens?

imagesHere is an incredibly simple tip that will “erase” your frustration:  use your trusty Ticonderoga!  Never again will I approach our Xerox WorkCentre without one of these in my hand.  Here’s why:

screenTouchscreen technology is wonderful … on my iPad or iPhone… but incredibly irritating when using the WorkCentre interface.

To scan a document, users select buttons and enter information using the touchscreen.  Pressing buttons… not so terrible.  Entering information using the touchscreen keyboard?  Pretty much a nightmare unless you don’t mind taking 20 minutes to scan and save a one page document.

The solution?  Ditch your finger and use the eraser of your trusty Ticonderoga!  Turns out the dimensions of the eraser are an exact match to the size of the keys on the WorkCentre  touchscreen keyboard.  Unlike pressing your finger, using the eraser tip allows for complete precision.

Perhaps the rest of you figured this out long ago, but for those who haven’t, keep your pencil handy!  Thanks for the tip Barbara!

All rights reserved (2013) Beverly Michaelis