20 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your iPhone and iPad

From time to time I like to compile the terrific posts that whiz by on Twitter.  And let me tell you, there are plenty to choose from.  Today’s blog focuses on tips and tricks for iPhone and iPad users.  Could this technology be any more popular?  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing further posts in the areas of marketing, social media, eDiscovery, financial management, time management, ethics, and more.  Stay tuned!

20 iPhone and iPad Tips and Tricks

Apps and Reviews

Security and Protection

Even More Tips and Tricks

25 Law Practice Tips from Twitter

If you follow this blog, then you know I’m a fan of Twitter – in part because it is a great source for law practice and technology tips.  Consider these 25 recent tweets in the areas of organization, financial management, marketing, security, and iPhone/iPad tips:


  • Are you an e-hoarder? Here’s how to tell. http://t.co/4FmX6ZH8 (So true!) (RT @NetworkWorld)
  • Protect yourself from e-mail overload: http://t.co/codvw2Ad #smallbiz #organization #business (RT @bettybudget)
  • Organizing your workspace based on function zones http://t.co/RYBW3duG #organization (Good tips from The Unclutterer) (RT @rocketmatter)
  • 17 Best Tools and Apps for Building New Habits and Goals. http://t.co/pjViXVgA #SPU Do you use any? (RT @SoloPracticeU)

Financial Management

  • What lawyers need to know about 1099s and other tax compliance issues: Wash St Bar News, p. 32: http://t.co/i08xDml (from @OreLawPracMgmt)
  • “The sky still hasn’t fallen on the hourly rate model” | Daily Report http://t.co/m0yRUSuE (RT @AdvertisingLaw)
  • Can I Double My Fee if the Client Doesn’t Pay? http://t.co/WFr124BK(from @OreLawPracMgmt)
  • Don’t Leave Receivables in Limbo http://t.co/7Ek7A8zQ (unless you want to go out of business) (RT @Law_Practice)
  • In some sense, all lawyers are sole practitioners. Why *you* should build a portable book of business, http://t.co/gf7h36Kp (from @OreLawPracMgmt)
  • Check Scams Continue to Plague Oregon Lawyers, http://t.co/PPvlZDJV(from @OreLawPracMgmt)


  • Cross-Selling, Up-Selling, and Communication Increase Revenue http://t.co/kcSsrIUJ (RT @lawyerist)
  • How to promote your law blog – RLHB http://t.co/k3XrbGLi (RT @jaredcorreia RT @rodneydowell RT @kevinokeefe)
  • Myrland Marketing Moment: Not happy others aren’t commenting on your Social Media? How often do you comment? (RT @NancyMyrland)
  • Online Marketing Strategies for Small Budgets – @attnyatwork http://t.co/8Zct2GL6 (RT @rocketmatter)


  • Are Passwords the Weak Link in Your Firm’s Security Chain? http://t.co/yJt690rl (RT @ltrc RT @jaredcorreia RT @erikmazzone)
  • The State of Mobile App Security [TCTV] | @scoopit http://t.co/DUcrZtZf… (RT @deboraplehn)
  • Please Rob Me! Posting Location Data on Facebook http://t.co/Qsmc9U25 (from @OreLawPracMgmt)
  • Are You Safe & Secure On The Web? http://t.co/NjZTYJ1Y (RT @rocketmatter RT @nikiblack: via @advocatesstudio)
  • What Lawyers Should Know About Cloud Computing Security http://t.co/oqzSar5z (RT @PhilNugent RT @sfinnovation)

iPad and iPhone Tips

Social media offers a virtual means to share, exchange, engage, and learn.  Consider getting involved today!

Use Your Cell Phone to Swipe Credit Cards

Here’s an interesting idea.  Several vendors are now offering small credit card scanners that plug into your cell phone.  For a small fee, you can turn your phone into a credit card processing terminal. 

The service is offered by PayPal, Intuit, VeriFone, Square and others.  Apple is working on a cell phone payment system.  Read more in this New York Times Business/Technology article.

Thanks for the heads-up Laura Calloway!

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