25 of the Best Tips from Twitter on Ethics, eDiscovery, GTD and More

This post is part of a continuing mission to share some of the best tips from Twitter.  Today’s topics: time management, GTD, financial management, ethics, and eDiscovery.

Time Management – Getting Things Done

Financial Management

Ethics and eDiscovery


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Gift Ideas for the Lawyers on Your List

Here are some excellent ideas for the lawyers on your gift list from fellow law practice management advisor Diane Ebersole of the State Bar of Michigan:

Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson have created the 49th edition of the Digital Edge podcast in the gift giving spirit of December.  The lively banter discusses a wide variety of tech items and gadgets both useful and fun in a wide price range that may help you with your December purchases.  In addition to their podcast, the list of show notes provides a links of all the items discussed. 

Reid Trautz, Chair of ABA Techshow 2012, has also issued his annual Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers.  This list also provides some product comparisons and purchase advice.  If you are looking for gifts in the productivity, food or just plain fun categories, check out Reid’s list for some great ideas. 

One more excellent list which provides a compilation of shopping ideas is Attention, Shoppers: A Lawyer’s Gift Guide from the folks at Attorney At Work.  In addition to looking at the list, take a minute to read some of the posts on this site whose motto is ‘one really good idea every day.’ 

Thank you Diane!

Are You Addicted to the Internet?

Are you on the Internet frequently?  Do you routinely stay online longer than you intended?  Are you often preoccupied with thoughts of the Internet?  Is your smartphone always by your side, at the ready to send a text or check e-mail?  If the answer to these questions is yes, then you may have a problem.

In the May issue of the Oregon State Bar Bulletin, Sharon Nelson and John Simek write about Internet addiction and compulsive use of technology.  Here is what they suggest to maintain your sanity, your health, and your relationships:

  • Avoid giving your cell phone number to clients except in rare circumstances;
  • Specify when you will respond to e-mail in your retainer agreement.  Also explain your e-mail reply policy during extended absences;
  • Private time for you and your family is sacred.  Try to turn computers off and put smartphones away after dinner;
  • Guard vacation time.  If you must check in with the office, limit the time you spend on work to a set amount of minutes per day – the rest can wait;
  • Create similar rules at work.  When you need to focus on a project, power-off your phone and turn off e-mail notifications.

In short:  Get Unwired or Come Unglued, a very apt title for Sharon and John’s article.

Marketing in Turbulent Times

In the January 2010 issue of the Oregon State Bar Bulletin, the team of Sharon Nelson and John Simek address how to keep your practice afloat in turbulent times. 

They offer 10 practical tips:

  • Utilize Your Real Life Network
  • Get Up to Speed on Social Networking
  • Be Careful With What You Do and Say on Social Networking Sites
  • Perfect Your Elevator Speech
  • Contemplate Alternative Billing (Your clients are)
  • Take Good Care of Current Clients
  • Your Web Site is Probably Your Most Powerful Marketing Vehicle
  • Don’t Stop Marketing in Bad Times, But Look at HOW You Are Marketing
  • Show Me the Money!
  • Keep Sniffing the Air

Sharon and John always have worthwhile advice.  While a Web site and social networking do play a role – don’t forget the human side.  Put effort into keeping your current clients happy.  Maintain and build on relationships.   As Sharon and John note, “Clients are hard and expensive to replace.  And current clients are one of the best sources of referrals.” 

Read the full article here.

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