Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts

Here is an announcement from the Oregon Secretary of State on the new Notary Public Program:

The 2013 Oregon Legislature adopted the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts, completely replacing the old notarial statutes with modern and standard language. Please see our announcement page [for] a copy of the new law and proposed rules. To match the updated laws, the Secretary of State has modernized its method of commissioning Oregon notaries public, too. The new system will be in place beginning September 3, 2013.

Whether you are a new notary, being re-commissioned, or simply need to update your record, you may be affected by these changes.

Dates to note:

  • August 21 – LAST DAY to finish the old online Oregon Notary Education tutorial. If you pass the final test by that date, you can use the certificate number to apply under the new system. If you have not finished the tutorial or passed the test, you will need to start over September 3.
  • August 21 – New forms posted on the Notary website. These forms are best submitted after September 3rd.
  • August 21 – The revised Notary Public Guide will go online. You will want to download or bookmark the copy because many of the expectations of notaries public have changed, including a new kind of notarial act for the disabled and the opportunity to notarize electronic records.
  • August 23 – LAST DAY to submit a commission under the old laws. New commission applications must be RECEIVED by the 23rd to be accepted and processed under the old rules.
  • September 3 – FIRST DAY of new law and new system. All commission applications must be done online. Amendments shall be free.
  • September 3 – FIRST DAY of the new Oregon Notary Education tutorial. New applicants (and other interested parties) can take the free online class and learn the new law changes.
  • September 30 – LAST DAY to submit old amendment forms. After this day, any of the old forms will be rejected without processing.