Outlook Tip: Zoom Setting for Email Messages

This is an incredibly small thing, unless it happens to you and you’re wondering:  What the What?

If the text of your e-mail messages in Outlook suddenly appears very small or VERY LARGE and you don’t remember changing any settings, you are probably the victim of your mouse wheel.  I unwittingly did this the other day and was temporarily mystified.  How could this be when I didn’t change any default settings?  Here is the solution from Microsoft Help:

In my case, I somehow managed to roll my mouse wheel with my index finger while holding down the <ctrl> button in the body of a message.  <Ctrl> is below <shift> on the keyboard – I may have been attempting to capitalize a name or beginning of a sentence.  Hard to know.  But that manuever zoomed me in to 200% for all messages I composed, replied to, or forwarded.  I likely won’t repeat that fateful combination, but this is a good example how Microsoft Help will actually help if you take the time to search for an answer to your dilemma.