Protect Yourself with Security Software

Interested in tech trends?  Software recommendations for PCs and Macs?  Your best bet is to invest in The 2014 Solo and Small Firm Technology Guide.  To whet your appetite read The Best Security Software of 2014, courtesy of Law Technology Today.

This post features the best stand-alone, enterprise, and integrated security options for legal practitioners.  Learn why Kaspersky is the better choice for security, while McAfee is a good choice for anti-spam protection.

Read about other tech topics, including:

  • Best smartphones for lawyers
  • Secure cloud implementation
  • Ethical use of social media
  • Upgrading to Windows 8
  • Favorite utilities and apps

Purchase your own copy of the 2014 Solo and Small Firm Technology Guide – $89.95 for regular ABA members, $54.95 for Law Practice Division members.  (In either case, save even more using the Professional Liability Fund’s ABA Web store discount code at checkout:  OSBPLF.)

Digital Dictation – Best Technology, Best Practices

7-17-2013 9-31-08 AMDictation continues to be a popular means of drafting e-mails, correspondence, and documents.  On the average, I receive two or three inquiries per month from lawyers who are interested in digital dictation.  If you are among the curious, here are some posts you may find helpful:

Digital Dictation and Transcription Primer

Includes best practice tips on how to record, links to manufacturers of digital voice recorders, equipment for transcribing dictation, and links to two popular cloud-based transcription services.  Also see Making the Most Out of Digital Dictation: Give It a Try and Get More Done.

Essential Technology in a Solo or Small Office

Brief discussion on how to pair digital dictation with voice recognition software + essential tech for solos: anti-malware/security software, best desktop scanner, productivity software, time and billing, accounting, case management, remote access, and tech support.

Dictation in the Digital Age

A quick review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, VoiceBase, and on-the-go apps Dragon Dictation, VocaNotePlus Voice-to-Email, and Siri.

All rights reserved – Beverly Michaelis (2013)

Choosing Legal Billing Software

4-30-2013 1-49-03 PMShould time and billing be integrated with your practice management software?  Or are you better off with a stand-alone program?  Before deciding, do your homework.  Here are some useful links and posts:

Software Comparison Charts and Buying Guides

Time and Billing Software Comparison Chart – ABA Legal Technology Resource Center

Buyer’s Guide to Legal Billing Software – Technolawyer

Billing and Practice Management Software Integration

Avoid Mistakes with Time, Billing and Accounting Software

System Considerations: Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Mobile Timekeeping, Auto Capture

Ten Things You Need to Know About Back-Office Systems – ABA GP/Solo

Options for Mac Lawyers

The Fine Art of Getting Paid on a Mac – ABA Law Practice TODAY

Best Practice Tips

Billing & Collections – ABA Law Practice TODAY

ABCs of Best Billing Practices – ABA Webinar

Finance: Timekeeping by the Numbers – ABA Law Practice Magazine

5 Steps to a Better Backup Strategy

5 Steps to a Better Backup Strategy from ABA Law Technology Today:

  1. Analyze
  2. Plan
  3. Implement
  4. Test
  5. Review

Don’t skip step number 4 or you may be sorry.  After a computer meltdown, many a lawyer has accessed his or her backup tape, CD, or drive only to discover the backup wasn’t working.   Test when you first establish the backup routine and test periodically to be sure your backup continues to work.  Read the full article here.