‘Tis the Season for Being Thankful

2009 was the year I started blogging and tweeting.  (Sounds like a gastrointestinal problem, doesn’t it?)

In those “dark moments” when I felt the pressure of an impending blog post, I soldiered on.  My inspiration?  Your support.  

It was particularly gratifying to meet some of my Twitter followers (and followees) at our November Solo by Choice CLE with Carolyn Elefant.  We were almost giddy to see each other in person.  I know it seems silly, but it’s true.

People sometimes ask:  What do you get out of blogging?  Is it worth it to be on Twitter

It’s pretty simple.  Blogging allows me to get the word out when it still matters.  Articles are great, but the publication time lines are brutally long.  My first blog post is a good example.  I originally submitted it as an article, but got weary waiting for publication.  I also find that blogging appeals to my style of writing – informal and conversational.  For those who have enjoyed the conversation, thank you.  I have too.

Twitter?  I am an enthusiastic supporter.   Yes – I know all about the naysayers, the quitters, the lurkers, and the spammers.  Sometimes I feel like I’m playing Hollywood Squares:  I’ll take @Spam to block, please.  Despite all that, it’s more than worth it.  Twitter gives me breaking news in every area imaginable – technology, law, politics, weather, current events, science, entertainment – and the information is concise. If I want to read more, I just click on a link.  I learn more in a day from Twitter than any other information source I access on a regular basis.  And the people!  I’ve connected to people I would never have met in any other way, including colleagues, and I am richer for it.  Here are a few who deserve special mention:

To Jared Correia and Rodney Dowell of the Law Office Management Assistance Program for Massachusetts lawyers – thank you for being among my most ardent retweeters.  You guys are the best!

To Lynne DeVenny of Practical Paralegalism – thank you for the opportunity to write my first guest blog.  It was truly an honor. 

To Jill Pugh – thank you for inviting me to speak at the King County Bar Association’s Solo & Small Firm Bootcamp.  I enjoyed meeting all the new admittees – what a terrific group of people.  And listening to Joe Shaub – what a treat!  I can now officially scoff at those who say Twitter and LinkedIn are a waste of time.  Jill and I would not have “met” otherwise.

To my blog subscribers and Twitter followers, especially those in Oregon, many thanks.  I look forward to 2010, and wish all of you a prosperous, peaceful, and happy New Year.