Fraud Prevention CLE Coming May 16

Mark your calendars folks!  The Professional Liability Fund is offering a fraud prevention CLE live and via Webcast on Thursday, May 16, 2013 at the Oregon State Bar Center.  Details will be available on our Web site in the coming weeks.  (Check Upcoming Seminars.)

We have secured speakers from the banking industry with expertise in fraud protection products and services.  We will also offer tips and advice from our practice management team on how to identify and avoid the most common scams.  Experts from the Professional Liability Fund coverage department will address your coverage questions as they relate to fraud protection and data breach.  We are also working to secure a speaker from the Oregon State Bar General Counsel’s office to address the ethical implications of falling prey to a trust account scam.

We believe this will be an informative CLE with ample opportunity to get your questions answered!  Learn how to protect money belonging to you and your clients by stopping scammers in their tracks.

Running a Successful Law Practice

What does it take to run a successful law practice?  Sound financial management?  A detailed marketing plan?  Absolutely!  And if you want tips in these or related areas, see the links at the end of this post.

But for the law school class of 2012, this may not be the first concern that comes to mind.  For many the real question is: “How do I stay out of trouble?”

The answer?  Get organized!  Establish effective office systems and learn the ins and outs of handling client funds, managing deadlines, and tracking conflicts:

For more tips, see these posts:

Financial Management

Marketing, Networking, and Client Relations




Some Other Favorites

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Protect Your Money Oregon

Protect Your Money Oregon is a service of the Department of Consumer & Business Services.  The site is designed to help consumers spot scams and con artists.  You may have seen this television ad:

Centered around the prevention of investment fraud, the site offers valuable advice, including answers to frequently asked questions and free consumer forums.

You may think you can’t be conned, and if that’s true you should easily ace the Can You Spot a Con Artist Quiz:

Go to the site, guess who you think the con artists are, then click on the picture to see if you’re right.  You might be surprised.

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