Retrieving Attorney Court Calendars and Case Information Online

Attorneys and staff can retrieve Oregon circuit court calendars and case information online by following these easy steps.

Using OJCIN to Retrieve Your eCourt Calendar

  1. Navigate to OJCIN Online.
  2. Under “Select a Destination,” choose Oregon eCourt Case Information (OECI). Click “Sign In.”
  3. Enter your OJIN/OJCIN user ID and password.  (A paid account is required).
  4. Leave the location set to “All Locations” to generate the most comprehensive search results.
  5. Choose “Search Court Calendar.”
  6. Under “Search by” at the top of the page, click the down arrow and choose “Attorney.”
  7. Under Attorney Information, enter your last name and first name. Alternatively, change the button selection to “Bar Number” and enter your bar number.
  8. Under Date Range leave “On or After” set to today’s date.  Change “On or Before” to a new date 90 days or less in the future.  For example, search “On or After” 5/26/2015 and “On or Before” 8/23/2015.  Calendar activity can only be retrieved 90 days out from the “On or After” date.
  9. Jump directly to any case included in the search results by clicking on the hyperlink for that case.

Using OJCIN to Retrieve eCourt Case Information

For a list of all your cases, choose “Search Civil, Family and Probate Case Records” or “Search Criminal, Traffic and Parking Cases” at steps 4/5 above.

  • Remember to change “Search by” to “Attorney.”
  • Under “Case Status” decide if you want “All” cases, “Open,” or “Closed.”
  • The “Date Filed” field can be left blank unless you prefer to retrieve only those cases filed within a specific date range.
  • Search results can be sorted a number of ways.  “Filed Date” is the default. To change the default, click on the down arrow under “Sort by.”

Using the OJD Public Access Site to Retrieve eCourt and non eCourt Calendar Events

Calendar information can be retrieved from the public Oregon Judicial Department (OJD) website without logging in to OJCIN or OJIN.  The interface varies, depending on whether you are retrieving calendar events from an eCourt or non eCourt jurisdiction.

Retrieve Calendar Events from OECI (eCourt Jurisdictions)

  1. Navigate to the public access calendars.
  2. Under “Select a Destination,” choose Oregon eCourt Case Information (OECI). Click Go.
  3. Follow steps 4-8 above for using OJCIN to retrieve your court calendar.
  4. Events for the next 90 days will be displayed.  Since you aren’t logged into to OJCIN, you won’t be able to jump to the hyperlinked cases.

Retrieve Calendar Events from OJIN (non eCourt jurisdictions)

  1. Navigate to the public access calendars.
  2. Under “Select a Destination,” choose OJIN Circuit Court Calendars. Click Go.
  3. Leave “court” set to “All Courts” for the most comprehensive results.
  4. In the “Attorney:” field enter your last name in this format: Last First Middle with no commas.  Click Go.
  5. Events for the next 90 days will be displayed.  Since OJIN courts are not part of the Oregon eCourt Case Information system, no hyperlinked case information is available.

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Searching Online Court Calendars

As Oregon eCourt continues to transform how we conduct business at the courthouse more services are available via the Web.  OJD Courts ePay allows parties to pay most traffic citations and many civil and criminal fees online.  Jurors, attorneys, and case participants can retrieve information about courts, including hours of operation and directions.  The best feature to come from eCourt transformation?  The ability to retrieve court dockets online.

Use the OJIN (Oregon Judicial Information Network) circuit court calendars to find calendar information for all  Oregon circuit courts except Yamhill Circuit Court and the appellate courts.
Some restrictions do apply:
  • You can only search for the first plaintiff and defendant on a case.
  • You  can only search for the first three attorneys on a case, with the system first looking for attorneys on the scheduled event and then for active attorneys on the case.
  • Search results will return the first 500 entries on the docket.
Search by party or attorney.  If desired, specify a date range.  Choose -All Courts- or select a specific court.
How you format your search matters.  OJIN advises:
The Party Name and Attorney fields are case-insensitive and can be all or part of a name. For example, entering “John” in the Party Name field will give results of all the cases with “John”, “Johnson”, and “Van Johnson.”  Names are stored in the same manner as in the OJIN system “Last First Middle” with no commas and one space between names. For example, Michael Jay Smith is actually stored as “Smith Michael Jay.”  Searching for “Michael Jay Smith” will not find any results; however, searching for “Smith Michael” or “Smith M” or “Smith Michael Jay” will include the desired results.
Use the Oregon  eCourt circuit court calendars to view calendar information for Yamhill County Circuit Court (and in the future, other circuit courts as the eCourt transition continues).  Select the drop-down menu to search by attorney, case, judicial officer, party or defendant name, and date range.  Case categories include criminal, civil, family, probate, and mental health.  (Check or uncheck as desired.)  A CAPTCHA code is required to ensure that a human being is entering the search request.
What you see on the screen will vary, depending on your search parameters.  If you elect to search by case, you must have a case number.  If searching by judicial officer, a drop-down appears permitting you to select a name off the list.
When searching by party or defendant, choose “name” for an individual or “business” for a business.  Checking the “Use Soundex” box will allow you to do a “sounds like” search on a last, first, middle, or business name:
When searching by attorney, use the name fields or enter a bar number:
Knowing how to search online court calendars can be a handy way to retrieve docket information in a pinch.  If you lose your calendar or suffer a computer meltdown, you can easily retrieve upcoming court dates on the Oregon Judicial Department Web site.