Using – and Clearing – Jump Lists in Windows 10

A great Windows 10 tip from Jan Berinstein at CompuSavvy:

“Jump lists,” first introduced in Windows 7, are the right-click menus of options for the applications that appear in the Windows Taskbar (the horizontal bar that typically runs across the bottom of the screen).  Most people probably are unaware that they even exist.  In fact, they’re quite handy.  They provide quick access to commonly used programs – […]

Pleading Paper Woes?

Jan Berinstein at CompuSavvy is on fire again.  Check out her post:  Restoring the pleading paper if it disappears when you use “Different First Page” (Word):

In order to “suppress” the page number on the caption page of a pleading, people commonly open the footer editing screen and apply the “Different First Page” option from the Header & Footer Too…

Source: Restoring the pleading paper if it disappears when you use “Different First Page” (Word)

Clear paragraph and font formatting in Word

From Jan Berinstein, the expert behind Compusavvy:

Even if you have been using Word for a long time, you might not realize how easy it is to remove paragraph and/or font formatting from text. This post highlights a few different methods for stripping formatting, all of which work in recent versions up through and including Word 2016. You can clear paragraph and/or font […]

Three Features to Customize in Windows 10

More advice on how to make Windows 10 work best for you – this time from the incomparable CompuSavvy.  If you aren’t already following this blog, you should be.

Source: Three features to customize in Windows 10