2013 Legislative Proposals from the Oregon State Bar

Sixteen proposals from various Oregon State Bar groups are up for consideration by the 2013 Oregon Legislature.  Here is a recap:

1. LC 450Custodianship of Law Practice; Electronic Bar Notices

2. LC 466Unlawful Practice of Law 

3. LC 462Notice of SCRA in Administrative Hearings

4. LC 461Increase Judicial Discretion in Sentencing Certain Veterans

5. LC 2764Interest from Escrow Accounts

6. LC 448Fastcase Pilot Project

7. LC 449Community Caretaking Functions

8. LC 452Remote-only Shareholder Meetings

9. LC 451Equity Awards to Employees

10. LC 454Amended Notices of Sale

11. LC 455Qualifications to Serve as Trustee

12. LC 456Protective Proceedings

13. LC 457Digital Assets

14. LC 459Housekeeping (ORS Ch 107 and 109) (Family Law Section)

15. LC 460Life Insurance (Family Law Section)

16. LC 465Technical Correction to Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions

Among the proposed changes, LC 2764, requiring that escrow trust accounts held by title companies be set up similarly to lawyers’ IOLTA accounts, with interest going partially to funding legal services.