A Bright Future for New Lawyers?

In a scant few weeks, the latest crop of potential Oregon lawyers will sit for the July bar exam.

In a profession that is oft maligned, we frequently hear “There are too many lawyers!”

But before you conclude that aphorism is still true (or ever was), channel your inner Bill Nye the Science Guy and consider the following:

Have We Reached the Tipping Point?

  • In rural areas, we’re already there and have been for some time.
  • Want to set up a solo practice?  Prospects for 2016-2017 look far better than years past.
  • Looking for a job?  The market is still pretty tight, but far better than what it was during the recession. [278 listings on the OSB Career Center Job Listing board when I checked a few weeks ago, but also see Dave Smith, The State of the Oregon Legal Market, Class of 2012 edition.]

The Future Looks Good

All of this is a long way of saying I feel good about the future, especially if you plan to open a solo practice.  My best advice: give sincere consideration to Southern Oregon, Eastern Oregon, the coast, and smaller towns in the valley.


Lewis and Clark

U of O



2012 Economic Survey

[All Rights Reserved 2016 Beverly Michaelis]

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