Doubling Down on Your Bill When the Client Doesn’t Pay


We’ve all been there.  Non-paying clients can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you went out of your way to offer a reduced rate or special payment plan.  But before you resort to punitive measures, take a moment to think it through.

  • A literal doubling of your fee is likely to be challenged as excessive.  Review Oregon RPC 1.5.
  • Consider whether the proposed punitive action will make a difference.  Do you truly believe that doubling your fee will motivate the client to pay?
  • Collections can be a landmine of legal traps and pitfalls.

What Should You Do If the Client Doesn’t Pay?

In the case of non-paying clients, it may be appropriate and necessary to withdraw. If so, take care to abide by your ethical responsibilities.  If you represent the client before a tribunal and must file a formal Motion to Withdraw, read and understand Oregon Formal Opinion No. 2011-185 – Withdrawal from Litigation: Client Confidences.  If you have any doubt about what you can or cannot tell the court, seek advice from the Oregon State Bar General Counsel’s office or contact a lawyer colleague who specializes in ethics defense.

You should also consider ordering one (or more) of the free CLEs offered by the PLF on managing law firm finances:

  • 50 Shades of Green: Building a Profitable Solo or Small Firm Practice
  • Building and Maintaining a Profitable and Efficient Law Practice 
  • Increasing Revenue: Updated Strategies for Attracting New Clients and More Effectively Managing an Existing Client Base 
  • Money Matters 

These CLEs will help you to:

  • Banish personal habits that cause you to under earn
  • Identify profitable practice areas
  • Analyze overhead, liquidity ratios, budget, turnover, and realization rates
  • Establish effective billing practices
  • Reduce accounts receivable
  • Develop case and client selection skills to eliminate payment problems

Visit the PLF Website for details.  Select CLE > Past CLE.

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