Office 2016 Incompatible with Acrobat XI (for now)

Did you upgrade to Office 2016 only to find that your Acrobat XI toolbar disappeared? You are not alone.

It seems that each time Microsoft pushes out a new version of Office, Adobe lags behind. This was true for Office 2013 and Office 2010.

Responses posted on Acrobat User Forums are indicating that Adobe will push out a release to fix the compatibility issues between Office 2016 and Acrobat XI “soon.” According to Microsoft, the problem is with the PDFMOfficeAddin.dll file.

Assuming Adobe follows through, XI users will not be forced to buy Acrobat DC. Can users count on Adobe keeping its promise?

Based on past experience, the odds are 50/50.  In the case of Office 2010, Adobe never did release a fix.  Instead, version 9 users who wanted Acrobat functionality within Office were required to purchase Acrobat 10. Thankfully that was not the experience with Office 2013, as Adobe did release a free update to fix the compatibility issues.

Sincere thanks to a Portland-metro attorney for bringing this compatibility problem to my attention.

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It appears Adobe is not going to release an update to Acrobat  XI. Therefore, if you have Office 2016, you will need to purchase Acrobat DC.



7 thoughts on “Office 2016 Incompatible with Acrobat XI (for now)

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  2. As a Mac user and a solo without in-house IT to take care of me, I have always religiously accepted my updates. When El Capitan came out, I updated (although I had a surprising amount of trouble getting the update to take). Within weeks, Office 2016 for Mac came out. I am on Microsoft 365, so I updated. Shortly thereafter, Adobe stopped working and I was forced to buy an upgrade to Adobe. Shortly after that, my entire system crashed — six hours at the Apple store, and another 4 hours of MacTech guru help to get my system operable again. During the six hour ordeal at the Apple store, I asked if I could back up to Yosemite and the answer was no, once you move forward, you cannot go back. So, unless and until Adobe puts out a fix, be very careful how you update. My system works fine now, but it was a costly set of updates.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Thank you for sharing. An important cautionary tale, and you aren’t the only one to whom this has happened. The Acrobat XI incompatibility came to light when another lawyer, also using Office 365, was auto-upgraded to Office 2016 and Acrobat quit working. I’m sorry to hear this led to an even more frustrating series of tech- related events in your case. 😦

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