Windows 10 – Must-Change Default Settings

In my last post I discussed specifications and compatibility issues relating to Windows 10.  This week the focus is default settings.  Before you click away, consider the following:

  • During installation, “express settings” permits Microsoft to collect data about you
  • By default, Windows 10 shares private Wi-Fi passwords with your Outlook, Skype, and Facebook contacts
  • Microsoft Edge and Cortana collect data on you and your relationships with others
  • Apps can access your name, photo, and other account information unless this setting is toggled off
  • Windows Updates are on a “share to download” basis, which could cause some users to exceed data usage limits

To change these default settings, check out this excellent post on Techlicious.  Want to stop Microsoft from looking over your shoulder?  Consider the DoNotSpy10 app or switch from Microsoft Edge to Firefox.  Did your computer stop working after Windows 10 automatically updated your device drivers?  Maybe you want to turn that setting off.

Worried about what else Windows 10 might have in store?

Keep your eye on Your IT Consultant Information Technology Blog.  If there is a security issue – or solution – John Simek will find it.

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