Five tips for working with Reveal Codes in WordPerfect

WordPerfect users: think you know everything there is to know about reveal codes? Check out this post from Jan Berinstein at CompuSavvy.

CompuSavvy's Word & WordPerfect Tips

Long-time WordPerfect users swear by Reveal Codes, a quick and easy way of viewing the formatting instructions – codes – that are inserted into a document when you perform common tasks such as pressing the Tab key, setting page margins, inserting a footnote, applying bolding or italics, and so forth.  When I teach novices how to use WordPerfect (and yes, I still have WordPerfect training clients, including a few newbies), I introduce Reveal Codes by comparing it to an X-ray of the document.

The feature is incredibly useful for troubleshooting because it’s easy to see coding errors – usually meaning an incorrect or misplaced code.  With Reveal Codes enabled, it’s a simple matter to delete or move any codes that are causing problems.

For the benefit of both WordPerfect veterans and relative newbies, here are a few advanced tips for working with, and getting the most from, Reveal Codes.

Customize the Reveal…

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