New WSBA Advisory Opinions on Social Media and Lead Generation

Get the low-down on new ethics opinions issued in Washington State: Opinion 201401 – Participating in Online Lead Generation Services to Garner Clients and Opinion 201402 – The Ethics of Using Online Social Media Profile Websites Like Avvo.


A summary of two advisory opinions issued recently from the Committee on Professional Ethics concerning Internet marketing and networking.

Two new advisory opinions have recently been posted to help attorneys follow the RPCs while navigating the Internet. Take a look at these to steer clear in the areas of social media and Internet marketing.

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3 thoughts on “New WSBA Advisory Opinions on Social Media and Lead Generation

  1. Beverly, I am presently a CLE on family law updates to the WCBA. I will do a segment on unbundling which SFLAC is promoting this year. May I reprint and distribute your OSB Bulletin Aug/Spt 2010 article? Thanks for your consideration.

    • Hi Keith,

      You have my permission to reprint the article with attribution to me and the OSB as the publication source. I encourage you to seek reprint permission for the articles written by bar counsel in the same subject.


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