4 thoughts on “Credit Cards, Square, and PayPal Revisited

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    • This issue is addressed in OSB Formal Opinion 2005-172:

      “The rule (Oregon RPC 1.15-1) does
      not prohibit all “commingling” of funds. The plain language … contemplates some mixing of lawyer and client funds in the trust account by allowing the deposit into trust of funds to pay bank service charges or to meet minimum balance requirements. Oregon RPC 1.15-1(b).

      The better practice may be to have separate merchant accounts for credit card retainers and earned fees. However, if a lawyer’s bank insists on a single merchant account, it should be a trust account. Credit card payments representing earned fees are funds belonging to the lawyer. It is not a violation of Oregon RPC 1.15-1 to deposit all credit card transactions
      into a trust account, if the portion representing earned fees is promptly
      transferred to the lawyer’s business account.”

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