Ethical Issues and Responsibilities in Billing for Paralegals

On July 25 I am presenting Ethical Issues and Responsibilities in Billing for Paralegals on behalf of the National Business Institute and Institute for Paralegal Education.  This program is a practical course designed to enlighten attendees on using ethical billing practices while still satisfying billable hour requirements.  Here are the details:

Program Description

The requirement of paralegals to maintain a certain number of billable hours can sometimes lead to a slippery slope of what qualifies as billable. As you enter your time, you need to be conscious of the fact that every bill tells a story. What do your entries convey? Is your time frequently written off? Do clients fail to appreciate the value of your services? Examine hands-on, practical tips any one can implement so you can avoid ethical missteps and see immediate improvement in your overall productivity and billing practices.

Attendees Will Learn

  • The three key steps to success in billing
  • How to keep time accurately – even if you don’t have sophisticated software
  • How to avoid time being written-off or written down
  • How to manage your time to meet monthly/annual billable hour requirements
  • The magic formula for transforming time entries into the perfect bill
  • The ethics of billing: dos, don’ts, and the role of professionalism
  • Landmark cases establishing the client’s right to collect paralegal fees in conjunction with an attorney fee award
  • Tips for beginners

Who Should Attend

  • Paralegals
  • Legal Assistants
  • Anyone who bills time

CLE Credit

The program has been accredited for 1.0 ethics credits in Washington, California, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio and New Mexico.  NALA and NFPA have also accredited the program for 1.0 ethics credits.  Detailed information is available here.


Register now by following this link.  This is a Web-based audio program, which includes a Q & A session.  Upon registering, attendees will have access to the downloadable coursebook.  Cost:  $99.00 for the first registrant; $89.00 for each additional registrant.

All Rights Reserved [2014] Beverly Michaelis


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