Once You Go Mac, You Never Go Back

Macs in the law office continue to gain traction. Why you ask? Find out from the experts at the 2014 ABA TECHSHOW:

The Mac Philosophy

“Time is Money for Attorneys – You need (the) best computer that works the way you want, when you want it. That’s a #MAC” @rajuip – via @MrsMacLawyer

@rajuip: “If there is a mantra for macs – it just works” – The Business Case for Going All Mac. @jwlounsberry

IT #Secret: If you’re in a big firm, your IT guy won’t like #Mac conversion – makes their job obsolete. @rajuip @themaclawyer – via @MrsMacLawyer

RT @larryport: CIO Study cited that in one company, employees with identical titles but using Macs vs PC found Mac ppl generated 26k more $… – via @MrsMacLawyer

Built-In Backups

All #Macs come with #TimeMachine. The ability to backup can’t be done this cheap on PC. It just works. @themaclawyer & @rajuip – via @MrsMacLawyer

Files are Hard to Lose

Spotlight on a #Mac: Once something in on your Mac, it’s really hard to lose it.” @themaclawyer – via @MrsMacLawyer

Printing to PDF is Easy Peasy

Print to #PDF is built into the #Mac – Command+P+P = print to PDF automatically. @rajuip – via @MrsMacLawyer

(Use) TextSoap to clean up copied text from PDF, Web etc for #Mac per Mark Metzger @david_bilinsky

The iWork Office Suite is Free and Preloaded

#Macs now come fully loaded w/ the iWork suite of software – No add’l $ outlay for software to support the machine. #MacTrack – via @MrsMacLawyer

Go Mini

Wanna make case to switch Get a Mac Mini. It will work w/ existing PC monitor, etc It’s a #Mac & it WORKS @rajuip @themaclawyer – via @MrsMacLawyer

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