Resolving Conflicts Between Office 2013 and Acrobat

untitledAh yes!  Everything old is new again.  Remember this post: Outlook 2010 & Acrobat 9 Don’t Play Well Together (Yet)?

Compatibility problems between these two products continue, with the latest battle involving Office 2013.  If you just upgraded (or are thinking about it), here are Microsoft’s suggestions:

  • Upgrade your Adobe product
  • Automatically disable the Acrobat add-in
  • Manually disable the Acrobat add-in

The second and third suggestions are ridiculous.  Turning off the add-in will eliminate error messages, but what’s the point?  We need our office productivity software to get along.

If you are using Acrobat 9 or X, you are out of luck – the add-ins just don’t work.  And it is very unlikely Adobe will issue a fix or patch.

If you have upgraded to Acrobat XI you should be okay, although some adopters reported problems early on.  You can improve your chances by making sure you’ve installed the latest updates to Acrobat XI. Click on Help > Check for Updates…

Considering SharePoint or Office 365? If you’re an XI user, Adobe promises seamless integration.

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