It’s All About Branding and Marketing

marketingHow can you highlight your unique abilities to attract potential clients?  Easy!  Take tips from the expert!  Personal Branding in One Hour for Lawyers tells you all you need to know.  Check out this blog post from Law Technology Today.  (Save money when ordering Personal Branding in One Hour for Lawyers by using the PLF’s ABA discount Promotional  Code PAB8EOSB.)

Even better, the November/December issues of Law Practice Magazine and Law Practice TODAY are all about marketing. Feature articles include:

The icing on the cake?  The Professional Liability Fund has recently added a collection of checklists, worksheets, and marketing guides to our Web site:

  1. Checklist – Create a Marketing Plan for Your Small Law Firm
  2. Checklist – Law Practice Business Development Goal Setting
  3. Marketing and Business Development Worksheets
    • Assessing Your Law Firm’s Competition Worksheet
    • Choosing a Niche Target Market Worksheet
    • Crafting an Elevator Speech Worksheet
    • Law Practice Marketing Budget Worksheet
    • Law Practice Target Markets Contact Worksheet
  4. Marketing Plans – Sample and Completed
  5. Marketing and Business Development: Crucial Skills – by our own Sheila Blackford

To access these documents from the PLF Web site, select Practice Aids and Forms > Marketing.

Our thanks to the Institute of Continuing Legal Education for graciously
permitting us to use their forms.

All Rights Reserved – Beverly Michaelis [2013]

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