Plan a Stress-Less Holiday – from the OAAP

Stressed about the holidays?  Consider these quick tips from the Oregon Attorney Assistance Program:

First – A Reality Check

  • The holidays are not really a competition
  • It’s okay to say no.
  • All holidays are celebrations of the good things of life
  • It’s good to ask, What can I do to help others?

The Plan

  • Participate in the holidays in any way you choose – arrive when and if you want.  Leave when you need to. 
  • If you are in recovery and there is any doubt in your mind about the safety of an event or party, say no.  Find out what your sponsor and other recovering friends are doing.
  • Enjoy the holidays for what they mean to you.  Celebrate whatever makes YOU feel the best.
  • Volunteer to make the holidays special for others

Read the complete article here.

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