Digital Dictation – Best Technology, Best Practices

7-17-2013 9-31-08 AMDictation continues to be a popular means of drafting e-mails, correspondence, and documents.  On the average, I receive two or three inquiries per month from lawyers who are interested in digital dictation.  If you are among the curious, here are some posts you may find helpful:

Digital Dictation and Transcription Primer

Includes best practice tips on how to record, links to manufacturers of digital voice recorders, equipment for transcribing dictation, and links to two popular cloud-based transcription services.  Also see Making the Most Out of Digital Dictation: Give It a Try and Get More Done.

Essential Technology in a Solo or Small Office

Brief discussion on how to pair digital dictation with voice recognition software + essential tech for solos: anti-malware/security software, best desktop scanner, productivity software, time and billing, accounting, case management, remote access, and tech support.

Dictation in the Digital Age

A quick review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, VoiceBase, and on-the-go apps Dragon Dictation, VocaNotePlus Voice-to-Email, and Siri.

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