Data Breach Coverage for Law Firms

In the October 2012 issue of In Brief , the Professional Liability Fund (PLF) announced the addition of data breach and cyber liability coverage for law firms covered by the PLF Claims Made Excess Plan beginning January 1, 2013.  Here is the announcement:

The number of businesses suffering data breach losses has been increasing in recent years.  These breaches occur both electronically and on paper.  Information lost could include Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit and banking information, e-mail addresses, case histories, etc.  Law firms are particularly vulnerable to these types of losses due to the quantity of sensitive information contained in client files.

After a loss occurs, the statutorily required notification and credit monitoring for each affected individual can be expensive and time-consuming.  Such claims are excluded under the PLF primary coverage plan.  Beginning January 1, 2013, PLF Excess Coverage will include Data Breach and Cyber Liability Coverage.  This coverage includes forensic and legal assistance to determine compliance with applicable law, notifications to individuals as required by law, an offer to each notified individual for 12 months of credit monitoring, and loss mitigation resources for law firms.

The PLF recommends that Oregon law firms obtain data breach coverage either through PLF Excess Coverage or a commercial carrier.  If you are considering additional malpractice coverage for your firm, the PLF Excess Program limits are available up to $10 million in total coverage.

New firm and renewal applications for 2013 PLF Excess Coverage will be available in November.  Check the PLF Web site (, e-mail us at, or call the PLF at 503-639-6911 or 1-800-452-1639 for more information.

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