15 Steps You Can Take Now to Protect Sensitive Data

The October issue of the Oregon State Bar Bulletin contains a must-read article entitled The Data Dilemma: Law Firms Strive to Strengthen E-Security as Potential Threats Continue to Rise. 

To understand why you should be concerned, read the article.  To take steps now to protect your firm, read John Simek and Sharon Nelson’s sidebar, “E-Security Pros Offer 15 Tips to Help Law Firms Better Protect Sensitive Data” posted as a PDF on the OSB Web site.  Among John and Sharon’s recommendations:

  • Use unique passphrases for each Web site/account/software program   (Passphrases are better than passwords)
  • Properly encrypt laptops, flash drives, and backup media
  • Physically lock up your server
  • Properly vet all cloud service providers
  • Secure Wi-Fi networks
  • Wipe data with Darik’s Boot and Nuke if you donate/dispose of your computer, digital copier, or similar equipment
  • Consider cyber insurance (Your Professional Liability Fund coverage does not protect against data loss).

Read all 15 tips here.

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