2012 Economic Survey of Oregon Lawyers

The 2012 Economic Survey is now available on the OSB Web site.  The data on billing practices begins on page 32 of the PDF:

  • Average hours billed per month in Oregon: 99 (all attorneys) – down from 2007
  • Average and median billing rates of $242 and $225 per hour compare to $213 and $200 in 2007 (when the last survey was conducted)
  • Hourly rates gauged by total years in practice – see the results on page 34
  • Hourly rates gauged by area of practice – details on page 35.  Here are some quick averages:
    • Bankruptcy $269/hour
    • Business (Corporate Litigation) $284/hour
    • Civil Litigation/Insurance Defense $190/hour
    • Criminal $214/hour
    • Tax/Estate $239/hour
    • Workers’ Comp $219/hour

Check out the full survey here.





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