Difficult to Pronounce Name? Add it to Your Email Signature

The current issue of the Oregon State Bar Bulletin includes a nifty tech tip about audioname, a Web site that allows you to record your name, in your own voice, and “use it everywhere.” Single user/individual accounts are free.  Businesses can sign up for audioname at a cost of $1 per user per month.  A complete pricing breakdown is available here.

The Oregon State Bar Bulletin tip suggests using audioname to record your name and add it to your e-mail signature.  This way clients can hear you pronounce your name in your own voice.  Audioname’s service will also accommodate a brief bio.  (Recording length is 30 seconds.)

Audioname has already caught on with Portland-area law firms Stoel Rives, Miller Nash, Gervurtz Menashe, and others who appear on the company’s home page or in testimonials.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for an individual account. It’s free!
  • Verify your account by responding to an e-mail confirmation
  • Create your unique Audioname URL
  • Record your name and brief bio by calling the toll-free phone number or via your computer

Listen to my audioname as an example.

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