Transitioning to Office 2010 – PMA Tip of the Week

From Diane Ebersole, Practice Management Advisor with the State Bar of Michigan – the PMA Tip of the Week:

If you are making the move to Office 2010 and are worried about the “Ribbon”, Microsoft has created several handy references to help.  The site Transition to the Office Ribbon, provides interactive and downloadable resources.  The Interactive Guide lets you click on an item in the 2003 version of the application and it shows you where that menu item is in the 2010 version.  This resource is also available in a downloadable Excel format.  The site also provides Keyboard Shortcut references and the instructions for customizing the Quick Access Toolbar.  If you are in the process of making the change to Office 2010, add this site to your browser favorites!

Thanks Diane!

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