25 Law Practice Tips from Twitter

If you follow this blog, then you know I’m a fan of Twitter – in part because it is a great source for law practice and technology tips.  Consider these 25 recent tweets in the areas of organization, financial management, marketing, security, and iPhone/iPad tips:


  • Are you an e-hoarder? Here’s how to tell. http://t.co/4FmX6ZH8 (So true!) (RT @NetworkWorld)
  • Protect yourself from e-mail overload: http://t.co/codvw2Ad #smallbiz #organization #business (RT @bettybudget)
  • Organizing your workspace based on function zones http://t.co/RYBW3duG #organization (Good tips from The Unclutterer) (RT @rocketmatter)
  • 17 Best Tools and Apps for Building New Habits and Goals. http://t.co/pjViXVgA #SPU Do you use any? (RT @SoloPracticeU)

Financial Management

  • What lawyers need to know about 1099s and other tax compliance issues: Wash St Bar News, p. 32: http://t.co/i08xDml (from @OreLawPracMgmt)
  • “The sky still hasn’t fallen on the hourly rate model” | Daily Report http://t.co/m0yRUSuE (RT @AdvertisingLaw)
  • Can I Double My Fee if the Client Doesn’t Pay? http://t.co/WFr124BK(from @OreLawPracMgmt)
  • Don’t Leave Receivables in Limbo http://t.co/7Ek7A8zQ (unless you want to go out of business) (RT @Law_Practice)
  • In some sense, all lawyers are sole practitioners. Why *you* should build a portable book of business, http://t.co/gf7h36Kp (from @OreLawPracMgmt)
  • Check Scams Continue to Plague Oregon Lawyers, http://t.co/PPvlZDJV(from @OreLawPracMgmt)


  • Cross-Selling, Up-Selling, and Communication Increase Revenue http://t.co/kcSsrIUJ (RT @lawyerist)
  • How to promote your law blog – RLHB http://t.co/k3XrbGLi (RT @jaredcorreia RT @rodneydowell RT @kevinokeefe)
  • Myrland Marketing Moment: Not happy others aren’t commenting on your Social Media? How often do you comment? (RT @NancyMyrland)
  • Online Marketing Strategies for Small Budgets – @attnyatwork http://t.co/8Zct2GL6 (RT @rocketmatter)


  • Are Passwords the Weak Link in Your Firm’s Security Chain? http://t.co/yJt690rl (RT @ltrc RT @jaredcorreia RT @erikmazzone)
  • The State of Mobile App Security [TCTV] | @scoopit http://t.co/DUcrZtZf… (RT @deboraplehn)
  • Please Rob Me! Posting Location Data on Facebook http://t.co/Qsmc9U25 (from @OreLawPracMgmt)
  • Are You Safe & Secure On The Web? http://t.co/NjZTYJ1Y (RT @rocketmatter RT @nikiblack: via @advocatesstudio)
  • What Lawyers Should Know About Cloud Computing Security http://t.co/oqzSar5z (RT @PhilNugent RT @sfinnovation)

iPad and iPhone Tips

Social media offers a virtual means to share, exchange, engage, and learn.  Consider getting involved today!

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