Are You a Procrastinator?

Take this procrastination self-test from It’s About Time, by Dr. Linda Sapadin with Jack Maguire:

  • Do you put off taking care of important things, jeopardizing relationships, career, finances, or health?
  • Do you put off doing what you need to do until a crisis develops?
  • Do you put off doing tasks unless you can do them perfectly or until you can find the perfect time to do them?
  • Do you hesitate taking necessary action because you fear change?
  • Do you think too much about things you’d like to do but rarely get around to doing them?
  • Do you think that things will somehow just take care of themselves?
  • Do you commit yourself to so many things that you can’t find time for many of them?
  • Do you tend to do only what you want to do instead of what you should do?
  • Do you tend to do only what you think you should do instead of what you want to do?

If you answered yes – to any of the above – contact the Oregon Attorney Assistance Program attorney counselors.  The OAAP offers confidential assistance to Oregon lawyers and judges who are struggling with procrastination. Read more about the paralysis of procrastination here.

2 thoughts on “Are You a Procrastinator?

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