Regulatory Notices Go Electronic

The following notice appeared in the December issue of the Oregon State Bar Bulletin:

Make Sure You Can Receive E-mails from “” Effective immediately, all regulatory notices from the Oregon State Bar will be sent from a single e-mail address:

If you haven’t already done so, set up your e-mail service to always accept e-mails from this address — or ask your IT department to do it. It is imperative this e-mail address not be blocked by a spam filter, as the OSB will use it to send important information.

Regulatory notices include communications from the Oregon State Bar Disciplinary Office, so bar members are wise to do as the bar suggests.  Follow these steps to be certain important e-mail notices are received:

  1. Whitelist the domain “”
  2. Review quarantine lists daily.  Spam filters sometimes block pre-approved e-mail senders and domains.  Whitelisting does not guarantee you will receive all messages from a given source.
  3. Check your junk mail folder.  Occasionally legitimate e-mail makes it past your spam filter and lands here.

While you’re at it, please add the Professional Liability Fund (PLF) domain to your whitelist: “”  The PLF distributes its publication, In Brief, electronically and also uses broadcast e-mail for other important announcements, including upcoming CLE programs.

You can read more about the process of whitelisting here.  Keep in mind this may need to be done both at the Internet Service Provider (ISP) level and in the specific settings of your e-mail program.

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