Malpractice Traps: What Staff Need to Know

From my presentation at the 47th Annual Fall Board Meeting of NALS of Oregon:

Copyright 2011 Beverly Michaelis

5 thoughts on “Malpractice Traps: What Staff Need to Know

  1. Hi Beverly,
    Would love to have seen this presentation! Very good.
    One question, though: Can you explain the ARMS Test (Slide 12)?
    Jackie Burnett
    Crispin Employment Lawyers
    Co-Chair, OTLA Legal Staff Section

    • Hi Jackie,
      ARMS refers to arms-length – the importance of remaining objective in the face of pressures that can cause a lawyer to take a case that he or she shouldn’t. For example, agreeing to represent someone ONLY because the potential client is a friend, family member, offers you a tempting fee, or flatters you (“Only you can represent me.”). These situations typically don’t go well. The rule is: if you wouldn’t represent a stranger (at arms-length) in the same situation – then don’t represent the friend, family member, or person who is trying to tempt you with money or flattery.

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