Five Keys to Being a Good Mentor

In September I spoke at Making a Difference: Mentoring New Lawyers for the Oregon State Bar.  The program was inspiring.  I especially enjoyed Julia Hagan’s remarks on professionalism.  If you are thinking about being a mentor, I hope you take Julia’s advice:

Five Keys to Being a Good Mentor

  • Share Your Own Stories
    • Your proud moments
    • Your-not-so-proud moments (We usually learn more from our mistakes than our successes!)
  • Help Your Mentee Make Connections with Other Lawyers
    • Invite your mentee to lunch with your colleagues
    • Introduce your mentee to judges and staff at the courthouse
    • Take your mentee to CLEs or bar social events
  • Be a Sounding Board
    • Share your wisdom
    • Be the “objective ear”
    • In some cases, you may be the sole source of advice if your mentee is uncomfortable approaching a member of his or her firm.  At a minimum, you offer a different perspective.
  • Serve as a Role Model for Professionalism and Best Practices
    • Connect your mentee to other bar leaders and role models
  • Enjoy Your Time as a Mentor
    • Enjoy teaching
    • Enjoy learning – you will get more than you give!

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