Legislative Review 2011

The Oregon State Bar Legislative/Public Affairs Department successfully shepherded 16 proposals through the 2011 legislature.  These include:

  • SB 379 – HOD / BOG Signature Requirement
  • SB 380 – IOLTA Sanction Bill
  • SB 382 – Notice Requirements for Lien Claimants
  • SB 383 – Changes to Notice of Defect Statutes
  • SB 384 – OPPPA
  • SB 385 – Elective Share Technical Amendments
  • SB 386 – Disposition of Gifted Property
  • SB 387 – UPIA update
  • HB 2667 – Lawyer Referral Service – Updating statutory references
  • HB 2681 – Vesting of Indemnification
  • HB 2682 – Increase to Wage Garnishment Exemption
  • HB 2683 – Protective Proceedings
  • HB 2685 – Termination of Attorney-Client Relationships
  • HB 2686 – Amendments to Dissolution and Parental Rights Statutes
  • HB 2687 – Temporary Support Orders
  • HB 2688 – Urban Reserve Statutory Correction

SB 380 changes the sanction for failing to file an annual IOLTA Certification.  If a bar member does not file an annual IOLTA Certification by the prescribed due date, the OSB Executive Director will send written notice of default to the member by Registered or Certified Mail.  If the member fails to cure the default by filing the proper certificate and disclosures within 60 days after the date the notice is mailed, the member is automatically suspended.

HB 2685 amends ORS 9.380 to permit filing of a notice that the attorney-client relationship has been terminated because the case is concluded.

For more information, including links to all the bills, visit the Legislative/Public Affairs Web site.

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