6 thoughts on “Understanding Track Changes in Word 2010

  1. Thank you so much for this! I have been tearing my hair out trying to remove, permanently, changes to a document before sending it away and an online search in Microsoft didn’t help until I found this blog entry. I had already resorted to converting it to a PDF but now, thanks to you, I will know for next time.

  2. Based on reviewing numerous users, we have found that almost everyone hates Track Changes, but they have had no alternative until now. SavvyDox is a cloud based solution that provides a very attractive alternative to Track Changes while still using Word. No more multiple colors, no more strikeouts – just a clean page highlighting the changes since the last version YOU read. Page thumbnails even navigate you directly to the changes to avoid having to re read the document. For the author, the reviewers can only suggest changes – you approve putting them into the document – that means no more changes getting into your document that Track Changes didn’t pick up. Sound too good to be true? Find out for yourself at http://www.savvydox.com and sign up for a free trial.

  3. How do you change the colors of the track changes? User 1 now is red, and user 2 is a slightly lighter red – how to make it green and red (for example)? thank you

  4. I am emailing a doc with tracked changes and it seems those on the receiving end, when opening the doc up, only see the red bar at the side that a change has been made OR they see the changes made but not the sidebar that shows what was removed. In the document I am working on, all of that shows up and I save it that way. Those on he other end are no familiar with tracked changes etc so I am trying to guide them on their version how to make everything reappear. How can I email the doc and ensure when the receiver opens it they see exactly what I saw when I saved it?

    • Hi Sherry,
      This is a tough problem to diagnose without seeing the actual document. However, let me give you a quick, easy solution followed by some possible explanations for this problem.

      The solution is to open the Word doc with tracked changes visible and convert it to a PDF. Email the PDF along with the Word doc if the receiving party needs to be able to manipulate the original. The receiving party can reference the PDF to see all tracked changes as intended. If necessary the PDF can be created by printing and scanning – ideally in color so the tracked changes are easier to see.

      What could be causing this: 1. The receiving party is unfamiliar with Word, something you can’t control and is indeed the situation you are describing 2. Receiving party doesn’t have Word or has a version that is at least two versions removed from yours or a different OS.

      Remember that tracked changes docs have multiple views – original, final, original with markups, or final with markups. So if the receiving party is looking at the document in final view they won’t see your edits. They will see what appears to be a document in final form. Because they seem to be seeing some markups and not others I suspect: 1. They have a different version of Word – older, newer, or a different OS (you are using Word for Windows, they have Word for Mac). 2. They have changed how tracked changes appear by changing the options in Word. You can view tracked changes in balloons or in-line for example. If they’ve changed this setting there is not much you can do.

      One final idea: have you tried emailing this doc to yourself or someone else in your office? How does it look to you or your office mate when you open the email attachment? Do you or your co-worker see all the tracked changes? If so you are doing everything right on your end.

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