Adobe SendNow – Even Better!

In January, I did a side-by-side comparison of YouSendIt and SendNow, the new online file sharing service from Adobe.

When SendNow was initially launched, it did not support personal branding or all file types (a potential deal-breaker).

In recent months, both features have been added, making it a much stronger contender.  Other changes?  SendNow now supports access on-the-go using your iPhone or Android mobile device.

Pricing remains the same:  Free, Basic, and Plus.  Variations between plans are based on maximum file size, recipients per transaction, downloads per file, and files per transaction.  E-mail return receipts, tracking, and personal branding are only available with paid subscription plans.  Details are available here.

Adobe promises more enhancements to SendNow in the near future, as it continues its ongoing expansion into cloud-based services.  Witness:  Forms Central (online form creation and distribution), Adobe CreatePDF (online PDF creator), Adobe ExportPDF (online PDF to Word document convertor), and web conferencing with all its bells and whistles.  All good stuff!

Copyright 2011 Beverly Michaelis

Author’s note:  This update represents the opinion of the author only.  The author did not receive any incentive or compensation from Adobe or any other source to write this post, nor was the author provided with a free subscription to the product. 

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