Less Paper, More Cloud, and iPads – Oh Yeah!

What do cloud computing, the paperless office, and iPads have in common?  Easy!  Think CLE and you’ll have the answer.

On June 1, 2011 the Professional Liability Fund is proud to present Practice Management for Lawyers Using iPads, Less Paper, and the “Cloud.”  The live program is sold-out, but you can still register for the Webcast.  At $10 for 4.5 hours of CLE credit, this is a steal!

Our program begins with Josh Barrett of TabletLegal who will demonstrate how he uses the iPad in his law practice for text editing, drafting legal agreements, calendaring, e-mail, legal research, trial prep, and much more.

Dee Crocker, friend and PLF Practice Management Advisor extraordinaire, will provide tips and advice on how to transition to a more sustainable, “less paper” law practice.

Jack Newton, co-founder of Clio, will discuss practicing in the cloud:  An overview of what “the cloud” is, the ethics of cloud computing, and using the cloud for managing your practice from intake to invoicing.  Jack’s session will include a hands-on demonstration of how Clio can be used for matter and client management, calendaring, conflict screening, task management, time tracking, document management, billing, and trust accounting.  (For those of you attending live, Clio is hosting lunch.)

We hope to see you there – in person or “virtually.”  The program will be recorded for later viewing on DVD if June 1 does not work for your schedule.  Visit Programs on CD/DVD on the PLF Web site in mid-June to place your free order.

If you are a RocketMatter fan, or just curious about the other big player in online practice management, don’t despair.  Larry Port, Founding Partner and Chief Software Architect for RocketMatter, will be at the Oregon State Bar Center on July 21.  In addition to a hands-on demo of RocketMatter, Larry will reprise two of his most popular presentations:  Seven Ways to Make Your Law Firm More Efficient and Responsible Connectivity – How Not to be Consumed by Technology.  Details to follow in the next few weeks on the PLF Web site > Upcoming Seminars.

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