Oregon Pro Bono Student Network

Are you a law student who wants to get experience working on cases?  Or  lawyer who needs help on a pro bono matter?  Sign up with the Oregon Pro Bono Student Network:

The Oregon State Bar Pro Bono Committee, Lewis and Clark Law School, the University of Oregon School of Law and Willamette University College of Law have partnered together to help Oregon attorneys connect with students from the state’s three law schools to help with pro bono work. Attorneys receive capable assistance that allows the attorneys to offer more complex legal services for free. Law students receive an opportunity to gain real-world experience while helping the underprivileged obtain desperately needed legal services. Together, attorneys and law students are working to pass on the commitment to pro bono and to ensure that no one in Oregon lacks a voice in the legal system.

Lawyers fill out a brief questionnaire describing the pro bono project, identifying the area of law, and specifying the skills and experience needed (first, second, or third year student, LLM or JD.)  Students are instructed to apply by email, phone, fax or mail with specified materials (letter/email of interest, resume, references, writing sample, or other).  An application deadline is set and the supervising lawyer must certify the work to be done is being handled on a pro bono basis and involves work of a legal nature. 

The Oregon Pro Bono Student Network is a win-win-win: 

  • Clients receive badly needed pro bono services
  • Lawyers receive the support they need in delivering pro bono services
  • Students gain real-world experience.

Kudos to the Oregon State Bar Pro Bono Committee for establishing this network!

Copyright 2011 Beverly Michaelis

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