Setting Up a Conflict System in Outlook 2010

I’ve blogged before about how to use Outlook 2007 to track conflictsOutlook 2010 isn’t terribly different.  In either case, the concept is identical: 

Create a new contact card in Outlook for every client/matter.  Enter the client’s name, address, and other contact information.  Use the Notes field to enter:

  • Conflict names and relationships
  • File number (if used)
  • Date file opened
  • Description of case

When you close a matter, enter:

  • Closed file number
  • Date file closed
  • Date of destruction (when destroyed)

When you search “All Contact Items,” Outlook automatically examines the first tab of every contact card in every subfolder.  If a match is found, Outlook automatically displays the matching card(s).

Get the Step-by-Step Instructions

Click here for step-by-step istructions on how to set up a conflict system in Outlook 2010.  As I’ve discussed before, there is an upside and a downside to using Outlook.  To enhance Outlook, and make it before more like a practice management program, consider using CredenzaSee my original blog post for more information.

Copyright 2011 Beverly Michaelis

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