Adding LinkedIn as a Shared Service to WordPress

When LinkedIn announced the launch of a new share button for WordPress on November 30, 2010 I was ecstatic!  Sad to say my happiness lasted all of five minutes, since the posted code didn’t work.

Along with other LinkedIn/WordPress users, I left a comment pointing out the problem, and included the error message I received.  Since then I have checked the original blog post several times, hoping to see an answer from LinkedIn

I gave up for a while, then decided to write into WordPress support earlier this week.  I received a prompt response, clarifying e-mails were exchanged, and yesterday I received a solution.  You’ll find the step-by-step directions here.

Many, many thanks to Miriam Schwab, who posted the step-by-step directions and Ryan Markel who ran down the answer.  I guess you could say WordPress bloggers and WordPress support rocks!  LinkedIn: not so much.  In any case, I am now the proud “owner” of a LinkedIn share button on my blog.  My only regret?  Not writing in to WordPress sooner.

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