OOF! This is a Pain in My Outlook

Today someone asked me, “Can I change the subject line of my Out of Office (OOF) Reply in Outlook?”  Well, I did some poking around and found this nice post by David Schrag:  Customizing the Outlook Out of Office Assistant.  This described how to modify the subject line in Outlook 2003, but it should work for 2007.  As David cautions:  think before you make these modifications.  Here is another description of essentially the same method from PC Helps Online.  This does purport to work for 2007, so it looks like changing the subject line is a “go.”

I also stumbled upon:

  • The Microsoft Exchange Team Blog and this post, which explains some of the differences if you are using Outlook and Exchange 2007 and
  • This from the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center which describes how to create a rule that avoids sending an OOF reply to spammers.  Again, this was written for Outlook 2003, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for Outlook 2007.  Thanks certified smart guys and gals!

 I like it when other people have already figured this stuff out.

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