It’s Here! How to Deliver Legal Services Online

Earlier this week, I shared a post about Virtual Practice in Oregon.  Turns out I have good timing!  Stephanie Kimbro’s book, Virtual Law Practice: How to Deliver Legal Services Online is now available in the ABA Bookstore.  (Product Code 5110707.)

Stephanie is a pioneer and recognized expert in virtual practice.  Her book is an excellent value at $79.95, but there are two ways to get all of Stephanie’s great advice and save money.  If you are a  Law Practice Management Section member, you can shave off $32 and get Stephanie’s book for $47.95.  Non-ABA members can save money by ordering through the Professional Liability Fund.  From the PLF home page, select ABA Products.

I’m excited to share this resource with you.  Visit the product page to read an excerpt or view the Table of Contents.

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