Pilot Project for Expedited Jury Trials

Multnomah County is offering an expedited track for civil jury trials effective immediately pursuant to UTCR 5.150, adopted out-of-cycle by the Oregon Supreme Court on May 6, 2010.

In it’s Justice Media Release, the Oregon Supreme Court stated “The goal is to provide speedy and economical disposition of civil cases and to increase the use of jury trials to decide civil disputes.”

Multnomah County has taken a leading role in this pilot project.  Interested parties must opt-in by filing a Motion for Designation as an Expedited Summary Jury Trial to participate.  The timeline contemplates an initial case management conference with the assigned judge within 10 days of designation as “expedited,” followed by a firm trial date within 4 months.   If the parties have not agreed to a discovery plan, the court will establish the scope, nature, and timing of discovery at the initial case management conference.  Pretrial conferences will be held at least 14 days out from trial to ensure cases remain on track.

Read more here.

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