Why Do Today What You Can Put Off Until Tomorrow

This was a sign proudly displayed in the office of a lawyer I visited some years ago.  At the time, the lawyer was still relatively successful and held out the habit of procrastination as if it were a badge of honor.  A failed relationship and nearly 20 legal malpractice claims later, the sign is no longer funny.  (If it ever was.)

Understanding and addressing procrastination is difficult.  One of the better explanations of the psychology and behavior of procrastination was posted on The Productive Mindset Monday.  Here is an excerpt:

Procrastination is not a time-management problem; rather, it is a self-regulation problem. Procrastinators often have anxiety or doubts about their abilities, or about the perception others have of their abilities. Many procrastinators would prefer others think they lack drive instead of providing the opportunity for others to question their capabilities. An underlying fear of failure or fear of success is also common.

If you have ever struggled with procrastination, or know someone who has, read this post

The Oregon Attorney Assistance Program offers a free “Getting It Done” workshop at least annually.  This workshop is a five-week group limited to ten participants and facilitated by OAAP Attorney Counselor Meloney C. Crawford.  It offers practical, individualized techniques to effectively address time management and procrastination.  In addition to the workshop, Oregon lawyers are encouraged to contact an Attorney Counselor at any time for help with this issue.  The Oregon Attorney Assistance Program is free and confidential.

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