It’s Here! Formatting Legal Documents With Microsoft Word 2010

Jan Berinstein’s new book, Formatting Legal Documents with Microsoft Word 2010, is now available on Lulu and Amazon

You may know Jan from her blog, CompuSavvy’s Word & WordPerfect Tips or her computer classes for the legal profession.  She is a well-respected Word and WordPerfect expert. 

If you purchase Formatting Legal Documents with Microsoft Word 2010 here’s what you can expect:

“This book helps legal staff use Microsoft Word 2010 to prepare pleadings, contracts, and other complex documents.  The author, an expert legal word processor and computer trainer, starts by describing what’s new and different in this version of Word.  She then examines Word’s “logic,” the key to mastering the program.  She offers tips for making Word 2010 work more like older versions, customizing the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar, and using keyboard shortcuts.  She explains everyday features such as headers and footers, automatic numbering, indents, and footnotes and gives step-by-step instructions for working with case captions, inserting a pleading footer, aligning text with pleading line numbers, setting up a style for indented quotes, creating and generating a Table of Contents and a Table of Authorities, tracking changes, and comparing documents.  In addition, she touches on the issues of metadata removal and document corruption.  The book is filled with pragmatic tips, tricks, and workarounds.” (Lulu excerpt.)

At $41.95 this book is a bargain.  I’ve already ordered my copy from Lulu (Summer shipping is free.)

Still using Word 2007 with no immediate plans to upgrade?  Don’t fret.  Jan’s Formatting Legal Documents With Microsoft Word 2007 can still be found on Lulu and Amazon for $35.95.

Copyright 2010 Beverly Michaelis

2 thoughts on “It’s Here! Formatting Legal Documents With Microsoft Word 2010

  1. Why is the book, Formatting legal documents with Microsoft word 2010, $750.00 on amazon, and only $41.00 on Lulu?

    • Hi Sandra,
      The author has a special arrangement with Lulu to offer discounts from time-to-time. If you prefer to order from Amazon, look for used copies. You can also save money if you are an Amazon Prime member. Amazon prices are going to vary more depending on availability.

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