Recover Lost Phones or Laptops with GadgetTrak

If you’ve ever felt the pain of losing your cell phone or laptop, you may want to read this post from Gearlog. Here’s an excerpt:

Aside from spilling a hot cup of coffee on your laptop keyboard, there’s nothingworse than that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize that your laptop or your smartphone is gone. Whether you accidentally left your briefcase in a cab, or your smartphone is stolen while you’re on the subway, the end result is the same:  You just want your mobile device back, and quickly.

Many owners are never reunited with their mobile devices, but here may be some hope. According to ActiveTrak, as many as 95 percent of devices running their proprietary GadgetTrak software are actually recovered. That’s encouraging news for mobile technology buffs, as both the financial investment in and emotional attachment to those devices can be substantial.

GadgetTrak recovery software uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and/or cell tower triangulation to find your device and is accurate to within as little as 10 to 20 meters. It can also take a photo of the suspect using the stolen device’s camera or trigger a loud noise (even in the device is in silent mode) to aid in finding the exact location when the owner is near.

Read the complete post here.

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