Outlook 2010 & Acrobat 9 Don’t Play Well Together (Yet)

An early adopter of the beta version of Office 2010 alerted me to a problem with Acrobat 9.  Like me, she prefers to use Acrobat to archive e-mail and e-mail attachments.  Unfortunately, there are known issues with Acrobat 9 and Outlook 2010:

The Acrobat PDFMaker toolbar (also known as the Acrobat ribbon) does not work as expected in Office 2010 applications. Customers with Acrobat 9.3 and higher cannot see the Acrobat ribbon in Office 2010 applications. Customers with Acrobat 9.0 through 9.2 can see the Acrobat ribbon in Office 2010 applications. However, attempting to use any of the PDFMaker functionality from the Acrobat ribbon can cause the Office application to quit. 

Will Adobe fix the problem?  Yes, but the time line is uncertain:

Adobe plans to add support for its Acrobat PDFMaker technology for Office 2010 in the next major version of Acrobat*.  

* This document contains forward looking statements, including those related to Adobe’s future product plans, which involve risks and uncertainties that should cause actual results to differ materially. For a discussion of these and other risks and uncertainties, individuals should refer to Adobe’s SEC filings. Adobe does not undertake an obligation to update forward looking statements. 

Let’s hope the “next major version” comes soon.  In the meantime, if you like to archive your e-mail using Acrobat, you may want to hold off on Office 2010.  Undoubtedly, Acrobat isn’t the only add-in experiencing conflicts.

Read more here.

Copyright 2010 Beverly Michaelis

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