Furnishing Your Office? Buy Cheap!

Surplus property sales are a great way to find terrific deals on office furnishings and equipment.  Browse Oregon’s offerings online or come to the huge Saturday Store Sale on June 5.  Items available through the state’s eBay store include:

Federal surplus property deals can be found here.

Granted, surplus sales can be hit or miss, but inventory changes all the time, so be sure to check back for deals.  Google your local office liquidation warehouse or discount furnishings store for more inexpensive finds.  In the Portland metro area, try City Liquidators or IKEA. Search craigslist in Bend, Corvallis/Albany, Eastern Oregon, Eugene, Klamath Falls, Medford/Ashland, the Oregon Coast, Portland, Roseburg, and Salem for finds.  And don’t forget the Oregon State Bar Bulletin classifieds.

Office equipment and furnishings should be practical, but also consider the impression you’ll be making.  While it’s tempting to scoop up this, that, and the other to save money, you may not get the result you intended.

Copyright 2010 Beverly Michaelis

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