To Catch a Voicemail Thief

How many ways can a thief steal from you or your law firm? A break-in is probably the most obvious.  Lifting a briefcase or laptop comes to mind, as does hijacking an IP address or hacking into your computer system.  But what about your phone system?  How could a thief exploit voicemail?  Turns out, it’s pretty easy. 

If you never changed the default password for your system or use simplistic passwords (1234 or the like), you may find yourself owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in phone charges. 

Deborah E. Gillis of the Lawyers’ Insurance Association of Nova Scotia brought this fraud to my attention.  Firms in Ontario and Nova Scotia have been targeted.  Read Deborah’s article here.  Learn more about security at the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center and how to create strong passwords to protect ALL your valuable systems.

Copyright 2010 Beverly Michaelis

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